5 Movies to Watch/Skip for the Rest of 2015

With the Summer just getting started, I thought it was time to release the 5 films I thinks everyone should be seeing that are coming out between now and New Years Eve, and the 5 films you should definitely skip. Without further ado, here are the 5 films you should put on your “To See” list!

#1: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (June 12th)

First off this movie is based off a book and the book is amazing and if you haven’t read the book then read it…..Now……Thank you. It’s also hard to explain the plot, so just go see the movie…..Now…..Thank you. Anyway when I heard they were making a movie for the book, I was highly skeptical since the book was so unique and creative. I had no idea how they could possibly translate this story to the big screen, but my friends it looks like they figured out a way. The movie looks to capture the same spunkinees and quirkiness that the book did and hopefully this movie will be 100000x better then Perks of Being a Wallflower (Sorry but it was overrated everyone)

#2: Inside Out (June 19th)

Inside Out is the newest animated movie from the geniuses over at Pixar Studios that follows a young girl and the many animated emotions that control her daily routine like anger, sadness and fear. Look I’ll be honest, after seeing the trailer for the first time, I wasn’t too impressed. I loved the concept, but thought it looked bland and unfunny. But then again I also didn’t like the trailers for movies like Up, Toy Story 3 and Wall-E and look how those movies turned out. Pixar is one of the most consistent and entertaining studios in the business today, and while recently they’ve made a few questionable moves (Cars 2 and Brave) Inside Out looks like a return to their roots of Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo and that makes it a can’t-miss movie!

#3: Trainwreck (July 17th)

2 words: Lebron James. JUST KIDDING. While Lebron may be in the movie…..ugh…..the two words are actually Judd Apatow. A director who’s directred some of the funniest movies like Superbad and Knocked Up and also some not so funny ones like Funny People. But much like Inside Out, Apatow looks to be retuning to his roots with his newest movie that follows a drunken, one night stand loving woman who fears she has met “Mr. Right.” The trailer was great and the acting looks to be hilarious, so let’s hope that this movie isn’t a trainwreck! (Sorry I had too…..I JUST HAD TOO)

#4: Black Mass (September 18th)

Johnny Depp playing one of the most notorious criminals of all time, Whitey Bulger, what could go wrong? This movie looks absolutely fantastic. I’m a huge sucker for crime movies and especially ones that remind me of Goodfellas. With a great cast and a great story, this movie has the potential to rank up several Oscar nominations and garner vast amounts of critical success. And if that doesn’t convince you, just check out the trailer. CHILLS.

#5: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (December 18th)

Come on, did you really think I was going to forget this movie? This movie needs no explanation other then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD J.J. ABRAMS PLEASE DO NOT SCREW THIS UP. PLEASE. But seriously I’ll be seeing this one at midnight with sky-high expectations, so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD J.J. ABRAMS PLEASE DO NOT SCREW THIS UP. PLEASE.

Now here are the 5 movies that look terrible and are certain to let you down in every way.

#1: Ted 2 (June 26th)

I wasn’t a fan of the first one, so you better believe I won’t be a fan of this one. Look don’t get me wrong, Family Guy is one of the funniest TV shows ever created, but like any Family Guy fan will tell you; you can only watch so much Family Guy before it gets old. And therefore I believe this unnecessary, but inevitable sequel will be cliche, unoriginal and will get boring quick. And to make it worst, the trailer looked terrible and the plot looks even worse. Maybe this time around, people will realize a cursing and bong-smoking teddy bear is just not funny.

#2: Terminator Genisys (July 3rd)

One of the few movies ever to have a great sequel was Terminator, unfortunately as well that sequel was followed up with some of the worst sequels ever.. First off, Terminator 3 and 4 were terrible, confusing and unnecessary. Second off, GO HOME ARNOLD. Third off, this movie has got to have one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. Seriously go watch it and tell me you don’t agree. I can’t wait for this movie to come out, so I can stop seeing ads and promotion for it.

#3: Ant-Man (July 17th)

Before I get all the hate from Marvel Fan-boys, just know that I wanted this to look good, I really did, but gosh dang it, it just doesn’t…..at all. Marvel is trying to hard to replicate the whole “super-hero should also be funny” cliche from Guardians Of The Galaxy, but it just looks to fall flat this time, and that’s coming from a big Paul Rudd fan. I also just think the story looks boring and I can’t imagine the action will be any more entertaining. But trust me I hope I’m wrong because I love the cast and potential so much!

#4: Ricki and the Flash (August 7th)

What the heck Meryl Streep?? This movie looks atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. How is this possibly from the same person who directed Silence of the Lambs????? While the plot looks bad, the worst part is that Meryl Streep’s acting looks the worst. SAY IT ISN’T SO MERYL.

#5: The Walk (October 2nd)

Let me first say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my favorite actor and he looks absolutely terrible in this. I mean good lord, this trailer made me want to punch him in the face for deciding to make a film like this. His accent sounds like tires screeching and the movie itself looks like the car accident that follows those screeches. Thanks a lot Robert Zemeckis for thinking this was a good idea for a movie. You may have possibly destroyed my love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Well there’s my list of the 5 movies to see and the 5 movies to skip! Hope it was entertaining at the least!


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