Movie Review #1: Mad Max: Fury Road

“Oh what a day, what a lovely day!”

FINALLY. Director, George Miller, has made a movie worth seeing in theaters for the pure cinematic experience it possesses. Few movies now-a-days are as entertaining of a ride as Mad Max: Fury Road is. From start to finish this is a movie full of incredible action, stunning visuals and most importantly lots and lots of insanity!

What most people may not realize is that Mad Max is not a reboot nor a remake, but actually the continuation of the popular franchise that originally started in 1979 with the title character being played by Mel Gibson. This time around Max (played by the entertaining Tom Hardy) joins forces with the rebellious Furiosa (played by the menacing Charlize Theron) in order to bring peace back to their wasteland. But in order to to do so, they must embark on a race of epic proportion where Max and Furiosa must defeat the fiercest and deadliest foes.

Miller is able to create a visually stunning wasteland that seems so full of life despite it being the end of the world. I enjoyed this direction because while most doomsday films are full of bleakness, this film is not, which only compliments all of the glowing insanity throughout the film. Speaking of insanity, all of the actors are able to give some pretty convincingly insane performances. Nicholas Hoult (Nax) steals the show though by giving the most insane performance by far as he plays a character with nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.

I’m always big on whether a movie has a great soundtrack to back up their great visuals and Mad Max certainly has a menacing soundtrack. The whole movie was filled with life-threatening and vengeful music that perfectly accompanies the bigger then life visuals.

Now unfortunately for the negatives. With a movie focusing so much on visuals and effects, the dialogue and characterization can seem to take a backseat and while Mad Max does a good job of minimizing the dialogue in order to show the emptiness of the end of the world, the characterization faltered throughout.  Miller introduced the characters so well and was able to set up some background for the main characters, but really never gave the audience any reason to cheer them on. I found myself so entertained with the action, that I forgot about the character’s incentives and forgot to root them on to victory.

In the end, Mad Max is one of the most fun-filled movie experiences you’ll ever see. I highly suggest watching it in theaters because computer screen’s and TV’s unfortunately will not do it justice. And if you haven’t seen any of the other movies in the franchise, don’t worry because this movie was easy to follow after some basic exposition at the beginning. So if you’re looking for an action-packed movie filled with violence and anarchy plus an actually drawn out and executed story, then look no further then Mad Max.


Acting: 12/15
Story: 17/20
Cinematography: 15/15
Soundtrack: 8/10
Direction: 17/20
Movie Experience: 17/20

Overall Rating: 86/100

Honest Movie Experience: A thoroughly fun and entertaining movie experience that contains a surprising amount of substance for such an action-packed movie.


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